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WTF is this?



Glosshood is a lifestyle brand devoted to encouraging boldness in our community 24/7. We provide high quality self care products and beyond in an effort to spark a wildly empowering experience for all. Our first product was invented to maintain hydrated and moisturized lips throughout a day of unadulterated fun. Anyone who actively chooses to take part in the Glosshood community is encouraged to embrace their inner desires by indulging in our Holyyy Gloss Balm Hybrid, a luxurious lip quencher.  Upon application of Holyyy, those of all lip sizes are gifted with juicy, moisturized lips no matter where your adventure takes you!

How TF is Holyyy Gloss Balm Hybrid made? (COVID-19 Safety)

All Glosshood products are packaged following the Universal Precautions enforced by the CDC. Several means of contamination prevention are taken; All bottles are double sanitized and packagers wear gloves and face coverings. Individual bottles of Holyyy Gloss Balm Hybrid are packaged by one set of hands. At Glosshood, we are invested in maintaining pristine quality control during production and packaging. Basically we are careful as f*ck, okay?


Who TF created Glosshood?

Glosshood is the brain baby of Sienna Brown. At any given time, you can either find Sienna 1) buying lip gloss 2) empowering others or 3) passionately laughing (more like wheezing?) at memes. Glosshood is supported by a range of professionals across all fields – web developers, graphic designers, publicists, models, photographers, beauty curators, skin care experts and writers who lent their professional prowess to the Glosshood community.

Who TF made this site?

None other than Briana Gude! The site freaking epic right? 

Who TF can use Holyyy Gloss Balm Hybrid?

Do you have lips? If so, you can (and should) use this product.

I have sensitive AF skin, can I still use this?

Although the ingredients in Holyyy Gloss Balm Hybrid are non sensitizing, please be cautious the first time you try Holyyy Gloss Balm. Always patch test a new product on an area of thin skin before your first use. An area such as your inner wrist is a good place to try to test. If you do have an allergy to anything in Holyyy Gloss Balm Hybrid, the patch test will prevent any harm from your precious lips!

Where TF is the magic made?

Glosshood is based out of Georgia, but really we exist in the moist state of mind.

is Glosshood environmentally conscious?

Absolutely! We urge you to recycle your empty Holyyy Gloss Balm Hybrid bottles — rinse first! 

How TF does shipping or returning work?

Shipping in the US is a flat rate of $5.00. International Shipping is a flat rate of $10.00. Please remember products are made to order. As it is the holiday season + we’re still in the midst of a global pandemic, please allow the following:


for domestic orders allow 5-7 business days for processing. Once processing time is complete, please allow up to 7-10 business days for your order to arrive.


for International orders allow 5-7 business days for processing. Once processing time is complete, please allow up to 7- 21 business days for your order to arrive.


Additionally, due to the global pandemic we are not accepting returns at this time as that is a safety hazard. 

I'm International, will I need to pay duties/import fees?

Yes. Any import duties and taxes are charged once the parcel has reached the destination country and these charges must be paid by the recipient of the parcel. Rawr xD

Can I get a refund?

Nope. Unless the product itself arrives defective, we will not process a refund of any sort. All products are handcrafted + it’s an incredibly labor intensive operation. We understand that not everything is for everybody and we hope to make something you love in the future! Rawr xD

How TF can I pay for this?

Glosshood accepts most carriers of electronic funds transfers - Visa, Mastercard, American Express... But none for PayPal bye!


Still need help?

We wanna talk! Send any questions or queries to care@glosshood.com.